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General Surgery/metal stitches came loose after whipple surgery


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hi there,im very worried.i had a whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer 3yrs ago,was doing pretty good i seemed to think.i had endeoscopys both up and down.i was woken very unproffesional i thought as i have been sedated lots of times going through lots of procedures.i was told by the gastro doc that i had metal stitches and mesh coming loose and needed surgicaly removed or repaired,and have my surgeon check it out.i left the pics and ct scan with his nurse,his staff called and told me to go to the hosp.after 2 days he said thats suppose to look like that.i am skeptical because now it burns and hurts in my abdomen.maybe the scope/camera had caught on the reattatchment stitches/mesh.i have had to take pain meds since the operation but is hurting way worse and in a different location now.i will send the pics and hopefully you can shed some light of what you think of this mess.thank you RANDY.

Dear Randy,

Having worked in the department of surgery, I have a certain respect for the procedures, the surgeon's reasoning and the patient's perception. After 3 years, the anastomoses that was surgically performed has healed. The mesh and staples may be separating and may detach. Provided they do not cause any complication, they are better left alone. They are no longer needed to keep the anastomoses together and rarely cause complications. Opening your abdomen has a higher possibility of causing complications than not.  

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