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"Hello Doctor, my name is Gulraiz (male age 22) i want to ask three question from you. Q1 )Recently i have undergone appendix surgery and i am recovering well. My concern is about the lab tests that were taken before surgery according to that report i have 12 % lymphocytes (low) as normal range is between 25%-40% and i also have high value of neutrophils 84 while all other cells were with in their normal range except platelets that were 135000(not very low)  so i want to ask that the abnormality in these cells can be due to appendicitis or not? . i was also tested for HBsAg and HBsAc and both were negative . Q2) what are borderline cases in Hepatitis ? Q3) After operation i feel some twitching like feeling in abdominal area is it normal? Plz answer i will be very thankful to you !"

Dear Gulraiz,

A low lymphocyte count, as well as a high neutrophil can be due to infection. They are percentages of the total leukocyte count also knows as the white blood count (WBC).

I do not know what you mean by your second question. You are testing negative for Hepatitis B.

The twitching you feel is due to the muscles healing from surgery. This will pass the longer you heal.  

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