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cirrie wrote at 2011-09-19 08:13:15
i also want to thank you so much for this very detailed procidure of bakers. i just had 4 of them taken away and as i am in a 3d world country trusting doctors, it was for me brilliant to know that they have followed this description to the point. it is only 3 days since i had them removed and i am still not able to walk properly but psycologically i am so happy to be rid of them who caused me so much grief in my daily life.

Disgusted with drs wrote at 2012-07-04 12:14:29
My family dr sent me to see an orthopedic surgeon at Geisinger hospital yesterday about removing a big Bakers cyst and a knee problem. The surgeon laughed at me and said they don't do cyst operations because they only come back. He said I should not wear an Ace bandage because it would cause deep vein thrombosis. Another surgeon a few years before said the only way to get rid of the cyst is to do a knee replacement, ( I kept putting that off because I live alone w/ no one to help me) and the cyst would go away on it's own. This guy I saw yesterday said I didn't need a knee op yet. The first surgeon I saw years ago said I DID.  These were supposidly both great drs. Here I am still in pain and no better off than before I saw the drs. And the cyst presses against the back of chairs cutting off circulation and causing more pain. In any case, it's hard to fix this if no one is willing to do anything about it.

Lois J wrote at 2014-06-06 05:57:41
I had open surgery two weeks ago for my bakers cyst, 5 cm. I can drive now but still need my brace on unless around the house, inside. Still some pain but minimal. Tylenol and/or Aleeve does real well. Only took maybe 6 or 7 Vicodine after surgery. I really used the bedside "potty" for about a week. Especially at night. Crutches cumbersome and room dark. I used crutches for the first week or more. Healing just fine. No big deal. Low pain. You will need help the first week.

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