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FaerieChilde wrote at 2014-03-27 15:29:00
There should be a comma after included - the statement is a parenthetical, so it should have a comma after limited to as well. The colon is misused. According to Chicago Manual of Style,

"6.65Some common misuses of colons

Many writers assume—wrongly—that a colon is always needed before a series or a list. In fact, if a colon intervenes in what would otherwise constitute a grammatical sentence—even if the introduction appears on a separate line, as in a list (see 6.121–26)—it is probably being used inappropriately. A colon, for example, should not be used before a series that serves as the object of a verb. When in doubt, apply this test: to merit a colon, the words that introduce a series or list must themselves constitute a grammatically complete sentence.

The menagerie included cats, pigeons, newts, and deer ticks.


The menagerie included: cats, pigeons, newts, and deer ticks.

Nor should a colon normally be used after namely, for example, and similar expressions (see 6.43)."  

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