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Hi! I am Ali Ahmadian, an English teacher. I would be so thankful if you could help me to select the best choice in the following tests.
1. In photosynthesis, sunlight and heat make (natural - chemical) energy (in the form of wood or fossil fuel).
2. The ancient Greek started fire with (focused - concentrated) sunlight.
3. My teacher told me to act (firmly - confidently), even if I feel nervous.

Hi Ali,

My apologies for the long delay. Apparently the answer that I typed up a few days ago did not get sent. :(

1. Natural. Sunlight and Heat are not chemicals. You cannot find sunlight in the periodic table, therefore sunlight and heat make natural energy.
2. Focused. Although the light comes as a concentrated beam of light-energy, it arrives in that state by being re-focused by a giant lens.
3. Confidently. Acting firmly means to act hard and unyielding, like a drill sergeant. To act Confidently is just to portray an attitude of "I can do this!" to the world.

I hope this helps. Apologies again for the delay.

Warm Regards,

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