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Dear Ted:

I'm writing back to you because the following part of your answer is a little bit confusing.

You wrote this:

[YOU] suppose that a large number of people will attend the meeting.  However, if your context makes it clear, the supposition could include more than just "you."  Then, it is the same as your third example.

My question is the following:

What do you mean by "Then, it is the same as your third example"? I'm sure I gave no examples in my question. What do you refer to?

Again, many, many thanks for your kind help.


Dear Paolo:

You listed three possibilities:  Suppose that, Supposing that, and Let's suppose that.  [I don't have your question before me now, but I think those were the three.]

I called the third one an "example."  I was trying to show that option #1 and option #3 were very similar.


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