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Why don't we add (S) to the verbs in these following sentences?
-May God save you.
-God bless you.

Thank you.

In the context of the sentence, you'd use "save" rather than "saves."  If it was a present tense statement, it'd be "God saves you."  "May," here, is used as an exclamation, or as a stated wish, like "May you live long and healthy."  When you use "May" in that sense, you'd not say "May you lives long and healthy," but "May you live...."
    The second sentence is a similar situation.  It doesn't use "May", but it is a kind of stated wish, "God bless you."  You could also say, "God blesses you," yet that is a different context.  It is a statement of spiritual truth, but it isn't given in the context of a hope or wish.  So, if you wish someone good, you say, "God bless you."  Joel

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