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Dear Mr Johnson

Which is correct, "I have never been to a concert of Rihanna" or "I have never been to a concert of Rihanna's"?

My choice would always have been "a concert of Rihanna's," but I was confused to see the following in Daily Mail:

"Indonesian Muslim women hold posters during a protest against a concert of Lady Gaga in Jakarta."

And the following in The Nation (Thailand):

"'I'm often asked why I'm choosing to go against K-pop current these days,' says Kittiwat Manosuthi, CEO of Avalon Live, who launched his new company with the Asia Tour concert of J-pop artist Tomohito Yamashita, aka Yamapi, after having focused on concerts by Korean stars for four years."

So, maybe I'm simply not in touch with the current trends? Is it "a concert of Rihanna's" (that is, a concert given -- not possessed -- by Rihanna), "a book of Hemingway's" (a book written -- not possessed - by Hemingway), or should it be the way Daily Mail has it? Are these true possessives or rather descriptives?

Thanks a ton for your comments!


Hello Dmitry - and thanks for your question

"I have never been to a concert of Rihanna" - this option is NOT grammatically correct.

"I have never been to a concert of Rihanna's" - this option IS grammatically correct.

However, it is not very elegant English. A better alternative would be to say:

"I have never been to a Rihanna concert".

Do not take grammar lessons from newspapers - especially the Daily Mail. They often make grammatical mistakes in their headlines and picture captions.

"Indonesian Muslim women hold posters during a protest against a concert of Lady Gaga in Jakarta."

This too should be  "... a protest against a Lady Gaga concert ..."

It would be a "a book BY Hemingway" - written by him - or "a book of Hemingway's" - OWNED by him.

I think you have got the concept right. It's the Daily Mail that's wrong.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes

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