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Good day
I am writing phrase for a company to use in its promotional materials. It goes like this:
Experience Exceptional Service- The 'Smith' Way

Which ways the correct and acceptable  to feature it
1. Experience Exceptional Service, The 'Smith' Way
2. Experience Exceptional Service - The 'Smith' Way
3. Experience Exceptional Service -"The Smith Way"
4. Experience Exceptional Service - the 'Smith' Way
5. Experience Exceptional Service - The Smith Way

I am not too sure how to write the smith way as above, what are the acceptable ways and what is acceptable to but between service and the.

I think the fifth option is best.  In all the others, the word "Smith" is set off (with parentheses) and "Smith Way" is the total name.  So, you don't need to set "Smith" off.  I'd say use #5. I might suggest that you use a dash (--) to separate the two parts of the statement.  That's what you do when you have a direct address.  So: "Experience Exceptional Service--The Smith Way."  Joel

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