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Need help coming up with a introduction and thesis for this expository essay. The topic given is: Atlanta has many attractions. My thesis was going to be, Atlanta is considered one of the most appealing cities in the U.S. Im stuck here and need help. My essay is only 600 words. Can anyone help me get started? Thnks.


You need to put forth an argument as to WHY you believe that Atlanta is one of the most appealing cities.  All you need to do is to add a bit more:

Atlanta is considered as one of the most appealing cities in the U.S BECAUSE of its REASON #!, REASON #2, and REASON #3.  Then each of your supporting paragraphs explains each of your reasons.  Basically you will end up with a 5 paragraph essay:

Introduction -->Tell the reader WHAT you are going to tell them
Supporting Paragraph #1 -->  TELL them
Supporting Paragraph #2 -->  TELL Them
Supporting Paragraph #3 -->  TELL Them
Conclusion --> Tell the reader what you told them (repeat points in your introductory paragraph).

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