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Dear Jonathan,

Hello. How do you do?

Is this sentence in the following correct?

Leaon once pulled out the sword inserted in the rock in the waterfall.

I think this sentence is not good. But I don’t know the correct one.

Perhaps the writing of “in the waterfall” is not good.

Would you please tell me the correct writing? Thanks again!

Best wishes,


Hi Walden,

I am well, thank you.

The sentence it technically correct, although it is very awkward. I would suggest the following edit:

"Once, Leaon pulled out the sword and put it in the rock in the waterfall."

Ideally it would be best to explain what he pulled the sword out of. Did he pull the sword out of a scabbard? Out of the rock?

For example "Once, Leaon pulled the sword out of his scabbard and stabbed it into the rock behind the waterfall".

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

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