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Hello Joel,

I have a question about the verb " to count"

Is the following sentence correct?: The club counts "with" 50 local members?  I know that I could write that the club "has" 50 local members, but I would like to emphasize that the club is supported by these specific 50 local members, but I do not want to write the word "supported". Can I write "counts with" or is it incorrect?

Thank you for your help.

You could write this several ways:  "The club consists of fifty members," or "The club has fifty members."  You could also say (though it is not common usage), "The club numbers fifty members."  If you want to say that the club is "supported by" fifty members, it'd be OK to say, "the club has (or consists of) fifty members" because it presumes that, as members, they support the club.  You don't want to use "counts" because it would not convey the meaning of your sentence.  Joel

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