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Could you please provide some useful websites for Grammar Learning?

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Dear Alice:

*** I want to add a "follow up" remark to this answer.  The usual kind of questions I am asked have to do with specific grammatical problems.  For instance, I just answered a question about the use of the possessive case.  If you have individual or specific questions about grammar usage, please contact, and I will do my best to provide you with thorough and correct answers.

Ted Nesbitt


I have compiled a list of useful grammar sites.  I have marked some of them with asterisks [***] and those, in my opinion, are the best one.  I especially like  There are many "lessons" in the ARCHIVES of the site.  Each lesson presents a grammar topic, and at the end of each lesson, there is a short test.  You can see how well you have understood the material, since the answers are also given.


[Sites marked with *** are highly recommended]
         ***Purdue University’s Online Writing Laboratory [OWL] is unquestionably the BEST grammar and writing resource ever conceived and maintained.  The link provided is to the old version.  Scroll down through the pages or use the drawdown boxes for all the assistance the lab provides.  This is the link for the new version:
         ***Exercises in every aspect of grammar.  Easy-to-use and the answers are provided at the bottom of each page, so you can test yourself.  You can also sign up for the “lesson a day” program, and each day you will receive a new assignment in your e-mail.
         ***Many exercises on all topics related to English grammar – from the writing laboratory at Indiana State University.
         Using English
         ***The most useful “areas” listed on the left half of the screen are “English Language Reference” and “ESL Tests.”  The registration for the site is free.  Most of the quizzes, glossaries, etc. are accessible without registering.
         ***Using English          
         Grammar glossary; dictionaries—grammar; ESL
         This page is the direct link to the dictionary section of Using English.
         ***Using English          
         Idioms – English language
         This page is the direct link for a list of idiomatic expressions at Using English.
         At the left side of the screen, these four areas are good, but the rest of the material is essentially advertising:  Grammar Rules; Punctuation and Capitalization; Rules for Writing Numbers; and Confusing Words and Homonyms.
         “The American Heritage Book of English Usage” – grammar terms and definitions.
         H. W. Fowler’s “The King’s English” – practical grammar; style matters; punctuation.
         Strunk & White – “The Elements of Style” – rules of grammar; matters of form.
         “The Columbia Guide to Standard American English”
         Choose “Alphabetic List of Entries” – center of home page.
         ***“Commons Errors in English” – Paul Brians, Washington State University.  This is a list of frequently MISused words or phrases in English.
         ***Comprehensive links for grammar rules, style manuals, guides to good writing, as well as links to various dictionaries and writing aids – Jack Lynch, Rutgers University.
         ***Alphabetic listing of grammar terms and examples – Jack Lynch, Rutgers University.
         Much of the information at this site is directed toward younger students; however, there are many fine examples of grammatical and punctuation problems, along with self-tests.
         The “Verbal Vanquish” program can be downloaded for a free trial.  This program prepares the user for taking the SAT exams.
         From the University of Chicago – a list of grammar websites.
         ***Exercises from “The Internet TESL Journal.”
         Check the entries on the right side of the home page.
         ***Many exercises to test your English grammar abilities.  Be sure to check the section for “Business English.” <>
         Grammar exercises for fun.
         ***Every part of this site is useful.  Be sure to read about writing/developing paragraphs.  Take the “sentence order” tests in the “Writing Zone” section – paragraph writing.
         ***The University of Victoria, Canada – 330 grammar topics.
         Test yourself with the “Activities to do Online” at the bottom right of the home page.
         ***These pages from Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut are excellent for Power Point demonstrations and interactive quizzes for testing your grammar.  All six areas of the home page -- from “Word and Sentence Level” to “GrammarPoll, Guestbook, Awards – should be examined.
         Washington State University’s Online Writing Laboratory – links to other OWLs across the nation.

Alice, I hope that all of the links are working.  I wish you the best in your effort to learn the English language.  You may send me individual questions, if you have any problems.

Ted Nesbitt

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