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Dear Ted:

I have just bought a new grammar book that says that the time expression "yesterday night" is completely wrong. According to this book, the correct form is "last night." What do you think? If you don't agree with what the book says, would you please give me some examples in which the use of "yesterday night" is acceptable? By the way, is it correct to define "yesterday night" and "last night" as time expressions?

Thank you very much for the help.


Dear Paolo:

Read what is on this idioms page:

"Last night" is an expression of time.  I am one of those who agree with your grammar book.  Even though there are some people who use the expression "yesterday night,"  I am not one of them.  The problem is having "yesterDAY NIGHT," with the "day" and "night" seeming to be in conflict with each other.  "Last night" is much better to use.


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