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I have another question about the use of article "the."

Which choice is correct? Please explain your reasons and tell me why other options are wrong.

A) When was A telescope invited?

B) When was THE telescope invited?

C) When were telescopes invited?

Thank you. I look forward to another great reply from you.
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Do you mean "invented?" (Not "invited" as in an invitation to a party....)

It is: When was the telescope invented?


When were telescopes invented? Is correct as well.....

"A" telescope is an indefinite article: meaning a telescope of a certain type or brand, or one you might own, a particular kind of telescope, etc.

What you are really referring to is : the telescope. The telescope regardless of age, brand, size, power, etc., as you are asking when "the telescope" was invented......... as it was much more primitive and different than the ones of today...just as when was the television invented, the telephone invented, the car invented.

And, "when were telescopes invented" is used without an article which is the correct sentence structure (question) because there is no need to use an article."when were" plus object: "telescopes" equal the general invention of the telescope.

Only use the article "a/an" when it is a particular item that is definite: a specific brand, a specific model, a particular item than any other, one you own, one you are holding, etc. one that is not related to the generalized of others.

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