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Dear Joel

What could be the Figure of speech in the following sentence given below ?.

"My Close friend who is in the Business of Supplying Gym Equipment
had never been to Gymnasium himself for exercising"

Could the above sentence can have a figure of speech viz paradox, hyperbole, pun, climax, metaphor etc ?

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

I don't think this sentence is a matter of "figures of speech," but I can show you how to write it more clearly.  "My close friend, who is in the gym equipment business, has never been to the gymnasium to exercise."
    You don't need to capitalize words as "close," "friend," business," or "supplying gym equipment."  These need to be lower case, as is the word "gymnasium."  The phrase, "who is in the gym equipment business," needs to be set off with commas because it modifies the subject "friend."  I'd also suggest ending the sentence with the infinitive "to exercise" because it makes it easier to read.  Joel

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