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Dear Ted,

Can you please tell me if -   “given that” is a subordinating conjunction.

Example:  "Given that you like mythology, “The Iliad” is a very good book for your collection."

Thank you very much.

Very gratefully yours,


Dear Rich:

Yes, "given that" is considered to introduce a dependent clause that is adverbial.  Therefore, it serves as a subordinating conjunction.

Here's a definition I found online:

Adverbial subordinators: given that, granted that, provided that, seeing that, supposing that, now that, in that....

For example: Given that the portfolio is a graduation requirement, you cannot graduate until you have completed yours and it has been approved by your adviser.

*** I don't care for the invention of the term "adverbial subordinators," but every person can choose his own "titles," I suppose.

It just adds to the grammatical confusion when you deviate from the standard names.  "Subordinating conjunction" works well for me!


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