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You say that "The car engine" doesn't refer to any specific car and engine, right?

But I disagree. Please note that there is an article "the" in front of "car engine" and as far as I know, we use the article "the" in front of words which are SPECIFIC. So, because there is an article "the" in front of "car engine," I think we are talking about a SPECIFIC car and a SPECIFIC engine.

What do you think? Please explain your reasons.
Thank you

Dear Hame,

I understand what you mean and agree with you. "The" does indicate a particular car engine. As far as I can tell you, sentence A and B do mean the same thing. There is no real difference.

I think I try too hard sometimes to find answers to these kinds of questions, for which there are no solid answers or firm rules (or, if there are, I have no knowledge of the answers).


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