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In my book I have a character entitled Wolf Who Cries All Night. Is it correct to capitalize each part of his name, as seen above?

Hi Michael,

What an interesting question. I honestly didn't know the answer to this off the top of my head. I had to do some research myself on this one. The most appropriate parallel between what you have here and historical examples is the naming conventions used by Native American peoples in the United States.

The majority of famous Native Americans only have 1 name, or 2 names (Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Lone Horn, Black Hawk, etc). But, I did some digging and found some less-well-known examples.

According to what I've seen it would not be proper to capitalize each word. It looks like there are two ways that it may be correct. The first way would be; Wolf-who-cries-all-Night, which is taken from the example of the real life Native American warrior, Rain-in-the-Face.

The second way, and probably the way that I would go with if I were in your position, would be: Wolf who cries all Night. This is modeled after the real-life Native American warrior Touch the Clouds.

I hope this helps.

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