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Scrabble Board Game.
Scrabble Board Game.  
Dear Ted‎‎

In schools the periods duration is of 40 minutes. Total number of periods are 45 in a week. Two periods are dedicated for recreation games. In this two periods, the children play outdoor games viz football, cricket, handball etc

If the schools purchase those scrabble boards, the children can also play the scrabble game in this period/s.

Do you feel Scrabble Board Game if introduced in schools can enhance English vocabulary in children ?.

what would be the appropriate ages for school children to the scrabble board introduction ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant:

It is my belief that playing ANY kind of game requiring a student to THINK is a wonderful, educational practice.  Playing Scrabble is especially good because it requires TWO things:
the students must be able to spell correctly -- they cannot make up imaginary words.  Secondly, placing the tiles where they score the most points is good training for thinking and for checking a student's mathematical skills.

There are other games, like checkers and chess, that help a student develop reasoning and strategic planning.  However, unlike Scrabble, these other games do not help develop a student's vocabulary or spelling.

I strongly recommend Scrabble for students.  In my country, students in the sixth grade play Scrabble.  That may be too young for most school.  However, when a student is in high school (ages 15-18] the game is hard enough to encourage vocabulary development AND it is easy for younger students to form elementary words on the board.

Prashant, you did not ask for any additional advice from me, but I would like to give it: Over the many years that I taught English, I have found that the BEST activity for developing one's vocabulary is solving crossword puzzles.  I have had a great deal of "personal" experience, observing students working together as teams and trying to solve a crossword puzzle.  They view the competition as a game, without knowing that they are actually LEARNING."


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