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Scrabble Board Game.
Scrabble Board Game.  
Dear Brian‎‎

In schools the periods duration is of 40 minutes. Total number of periods are 45 in a week. Two periods are dedicated for recreation games. In this two periods, the children play outdoor games viz football, cricket, handball etc

If the schools purchase those scrabble boards, the children can also play the scrabble game in this period/s.

Do you feel Scrabble Board Game if introduced in schools can enhance English vocabulary in children ?.

what would be the appropriate ages for school children to the scrabble board introduction ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


Interesting question!

I think scrabble is an excellent and fun way to help students improve vocabulary!  However, it is also quite challenging, since it gives them certain constraints they have to work with in order to produce words.  I would recommend it for higher level students (at least 10 years old), or for intermediate level students if they can work in groups (maybe 8 or older).

I also think it might be useful for them to learn certain strategies for using the game, like which letters are most common, how to use the letters on the board as a starting point for coming up with words and how to use difficult letters.

Hope that helps!

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