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I'm sorry for my bad English, I need help to find Context for this article in order to write my essay.


ANSWER: Hello Zhi Hao.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "context" in this case. If you are asking what the article is about; the author is talking about how 6 months people used to be against gun ownership in the US, and now the people who were speaking out against guns have stopped talking, implying that they no longer care. If you mean something different, please feel free to ask a followup.

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Thanks for the information. Thats is what i need. But what about fallacies? Are there any in this article?

Once again thanks!

Hi Zhi Hao,

There aren't any direct fallacies, no. The article says that gun control groups are quiet because they are losing the fight. The author thinks this because no new gun control laws have been passed since December, when 24 children were murdered by a lone gunman. The only fallacy that exists is the thought that gun-control groups would be successful. Whenever there is a terrible shooting, the public's emotional response is to say "let's ban guns", but that response isn't the majority of the people. The people who are pro-gun ownership argue logical points that counter the emotional response and keep the bills from getting passed and becoming law.


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