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I am from India. So you know English is a second language for me, and I find it very difficult. I have a debate on the topic "Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education At All". And I feel lucky to have got to speak "FOR" the topic. Please help me with points for my topic, I know you are an English expert. I have to speak for 3 minutes, and face a 2 minute 'rebuttling' session. Please also give me tips for the debate related to body language, type of clothes, etc. Sorry to be asking too much, but I want a great "pickup line" to begin my debate too. Please help me.


The topic is a quote from Aristotle (you probably know this already).  What do you feel about this topic and what does it mean to you?  From my perspective, you need to develop your argument and consider the points that you want to make.  When I read this, I believe that the author is suggesting that we are not really educated if we fail to equally consider and value the emotional, caring side of the equation--the heart.  Compassion and tolerance is just as important as intelligence. As a society, we need to erase hate and replace it with tolerance.  This is something that children (and adults) can learn and perhaps, we are not doing such a good job of education our children given the amount of violence in our schools.  Plus, how can one really learn if their energy is directed towards violence.  I would further posit that children who come from a home where the environment is hostile, have difficulty learning as their hearts are empty.  They do not have good role models at home and only know one way to act.  So, my take on this subject would be to tie it into school violence.  You may have another strategy.

So, you need to search your heart and determine what this means to you and why it is important.  As far as the dress, I think the setting should dictate your clothing.  I would err on the side of dressing more business-like than casual.  You should be passionate in expressing your argument but not confrontational.  Take notes of your opponent's positions so that you are able to rebut them.  An Internet search on debating might provide some additional pointers about how a debate is run.  A debate is a very respectful process with no interruptions so that the debater can express him/herself without interruption.

Good luck, have fun, and by all means, enjoy the education,

Dr. D

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