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Dear Johnathan‎‎‎

Authors who can write fiction novels, books etc can also write non fictional English literature or vice versa ?.

All Authors can write both type of stories viz Fiction (not real) and Non fiction (real) in categories viz thriller, suspense, romance, tragedy, comedy/humor, horror etc


Some Authors can only write Fiction English literature.


Some Authors can only write Non Fiction English literature.


Statistically there will be more numbers with

a. Authors who have/can written both fiction as well as non fiction books.

b. Authors who have/can write only fiction books.

c. Authors who have/can write only non fiction novels.

i.e. a OR b OR c

Examples : William Shakespeare, Alfred Hitchcock, Enid Blyton‎, Jonathan Swift, Jane Austen, Agatha Cristie etc.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

In theory this is true, yes; authors can theoretically write books of either type. I have a non-fiction book that I've written, and I'm working on a fictional book series also.

In truth, the reality of the situation is that while authors are theoretically capable of writing both types of books, they typically only stick to one type. Non-Fiction work requires a lot of background work, fact-checking, etc and many people find it boring. But, there are some people who really enjoy that type of writing. Fictional work requires a lot of creativity, and not everyone is that creative, or doesn't like the creativity process.

Typically I find that most authors who write both types of books are generally experts in their fields, such as the late Carl Sagan. He wrote several non-fiction books at about space, and then a fictional book, "Contact" about meeting aliens for the first time.

Unfortunately I dont know where you could to look up numbers on that type of information. I'm not aware of any author's database anywhere.

Kind Regards,

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