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Dear Ted:

Does the idiom "to have fire inside" or something similar exist?

If so, when is it used?

Would you please give me some examples?

Thank you very much for your kind help.


Dear Paolo:

Does the idiom "to have fire inside" or something similar exist?

If so, when is it used?

*** The idiom is "fire in the belly" or "fire in your belly."  It means that you have strong aspirations, desires, goals, urges, etc.

Here are two entries from The Free Dictionary:

  aim, ambition, ambitiousness, craving, desire, direction, dream, eagerness, endeavor, fire in the belly , hankering, inclination, longing, object, objective, passion, pursuit, push, right stuff, urge, vocation, wish, work, yearning

fire in your/the belly
if you have fire in your belly, you are ready to fight with energy and determination for what you believe is right He will approach the committee with plenty of fire in his belly.


The leader of the group had fire in his belly; he was determined to get the project done.

Most politicians have fire in their bellies:  they want to be elected and re-elected.


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