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Dear Ted,

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My question is does*give me away* has some meaning sorta like *don't bother me*  or *leave me alone*?

Thank you very much

Dear Alice:

My question is does*give me away* has some meaning sorta like *don't bother me*  or *leave me alone*?

*** There are two meaning for the phrases.  Both meanings are frequently used.

1.  "Don't give me away" -- I am hiding.  Please do not tell anyone where I am.  OR  "I have a secret to tell you, but you cannot give it away."  [You must not tell anyone.]

2.  At a wedding ceremony, the father of the bride is said "to give away" his daughter to her future husband.

You probably are referring to #1, although I do not have the "context" in which the sentence appears.  EXAMPLES of #1:

We are planning a surprise party for John.  We hope that no one GIVES IT AWAY.  [We don't want anyone to tell John, or the surprise will be ruined.]

"Jack, you are my best friend, and I need to ask you a favor.  I told my wife that I would be working late, but I'm really taking my secretary out to dinner.  Please do not tell my wife;
do not give me away.

Alice wanted me to give away my mother's secret recipe for making a chocolate cake.  I refused to give the recipe away.


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