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Dear Ted,
What is the meaning of the word "place" in the following sentences?
1. I place great trust in you,
2. I place great confidence in you.

Dear Glen:

1. I place great trust in you,
2. I place great confidence in you.

"Place" is a fancier, more formal way of saying "put."  

Think of it this way:  Your friend has come up with an idea of making a great deal of money.  His plan sounds good, and it is legal.  He has offered a share of the profits to you, IF you are willing to contribute some of your money to help him get started.

You must decide if you will participate.  Do you trust this friend?  Do you have confidence in him?  If the answer is "YES" to both questions, you will likely PLACE some of your money with him, because you are able to PLACE trust and confidence in him.


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