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Dear Ted:

Which tense or tenses should I use with "to present" and "up to present"?

Would you please give me some examples?

Thank you very much for your kind help.


Dear Paolo:

Which tense or tenses should I use with "to present" and "up to present"?

*** First, it sounds better if you use "the" between "to" and "present."


These statistics are accurate to the present time.

Up to the present, the You Tube video has been watched over 2 million times.

*** Your question about which tense to use is difficult to answer, because you need to see the phrase in the context in which it appears.  In my first example, I used the present tense "are," because I am referring to the "time of speaking" -- right now.

The second example I gave you reflects the context that is provided by the prepositional phrase "up to."  That phrase indicates that something started at some time in the past, and the something is still occurring at the time of speaking.  

Note that, for the second sentence, I can change the context somewhat and included ANOTHER tense:  Up to the present, the You Tube video HAS BEEN WATCHED over 2 million times, and many people BELIEVE that it WILL BE WATCHED another million times.

Context means everything.


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