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Thanks, Jerry, for volunteering and helping so many.

I like to be grammatically correct in my writing, but sometimes I cannot grammatically justify a commonly used expression. I've picked out 3 such expressions with the hope that you can justify them (or just tell me that they're incorrect!). Note that I don't need you to parse the entire selection but just the expression surrounded by asterisks.

1. I'm curious *why he did that*.
2. I'm not sure *what that means*.
3. This would be a good thing, *right*?


In my opinion #’s 1 and 3 have an “understood” (unexpressed) preposition preceding “why” and “what.”  “I am curious as to why . . .”; “I am not sure as to what . . .”.   It is unnecessary to express “as to” since the meaning is clear without it, but the clause “why he did that” is still the object of the preposition.  Both sentences are grammatically correct as shown.

As for #3, “right” simply means “is that correct,” but in my opinion should be a separate sentence:  “This would be a good thing.  Right?”

I hope that helps,

Jerry Leone

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