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can you explain present perfect and past perfect in the sentense? how can i have been a good conversation?can you help me? thanks a lot for your teaching

Dear Zohreh:

PRESENT PERFECT TENSE:  Used for actions that began at some time in the past and are still happening at the present time, referred to as "the time of speaking."

EXAMPLE:  I HAVE TAKEN piano lessons for ten years.  [You began taking the lessons ten years ago.  At the present time, you are STILL taking the lessons.]

PAST PERFECT TENSE:  In order to use this tense, you must have TWO actions that occurred in the past.  One of those actions must have taken place before the other action.

EXAMPLE:  After I HAD FINISHED reading my assignment, I WENT to bed.  [Two things happened before the "time of speaking."  The first thing was reading the assignment; after that was over, you went to bed.  The earlier of the two is placed in the PAST PERFECT TENSE and the later of the two is stated in the PAST TENSE.  Both events have ended "at the time of speaking."]


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