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Dear Ted,
Is the word "scapegoated" a verb in the following sentence?
I was scapegoated.

Dear Glen:

I did receive your latest rating and message.  Thank you.


Is the word "scapegoated" a verb in the following sentence?
I was scapegoated.

**** Yes.  An unknown person or persons put the blame for something on you.  You were made the scapegoat for something bad or unfortunate that happened.

Here's an observation of mine:  In today's world, unfortunately, it is very easy to start rumors about someone.  The internet is particularly responsible for the spread of these rumors.  People can be made scapegoats for situations in which they had nothing to do.  Someone posts an accusation in a blog or a chat room, and the accused person has no defense except to claim that he was NOT responsible.  Of course, by the time the "scapegoated" person responds, the rumor has grown considerably and many people believe that accusation rather than the true facts as stated by the scapegoat.


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