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Hey Ted,
I was wondering if you know about any free online writing tests that aims to findout the person's writing level so I could do it.


Dear Nathan:

I believe that I sent two Word documents to you.  They contained lists of grammar and writing internet sites.  Many of them included  "quizzes."

I did this Google search:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=35ea9c4afe593491&q=writing+test+free+online

The actual words I used were WRITING TEST FREE

I tried some of the tests and found that most were very easy, if your knowledge of grammar is good, but SOME are rather difficult.  The latter contain literary passages and you must judge the author's intent.  I have always found this type of question to be too "subjective" for my tastes.

[In other words, I do not do well on them!]

I doubt that you'll be able to access this site, because there is a fee.  Try it anyway.  You can't lose by trying.


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