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can you tell me the order of the adjectives when they appear in a sentence?

Hi Tuelinh!


The order is as follows:
1st: general evaluation
2nd: specific evaluation
3rd: size
4th: shape
5th: age
6th: color
7th: nationality
8th: material

To elaborate, a general evaluation is any adjective that could be used for a variety of things, like good - a good guy, a good song, a good time - or cool - a cool place, a cool car.  A specific evaluation can only be used for a limited number of things, like tasty - a tasty snack, tasty soup, but not a tasty table - or friendly - a friendly person, friendly staff, but not a friendly car.

Some examples:
A lovely, handsome, tall, 30 year old American man: general-specific-size-age-nationality
An old, comfortable, 3 story high, red brick apartment building: general-specific-size-color-material
A cute, bouncy, round, blue and white beach ball: general-specific-shape-color

Hope that helps!  If you'd like some practice and more details, check out this web page:

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