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- "I am shopping for a new treadmill since my current 5 year old Nordictrack C2500's button console is biting the dust. The console is nearly $600 to replace, which is a long way towards a new machine."

- Dear Sally! I found this short paragraph online. I know the meaning of "bite" and "dust". But I don't get their meanings in this paragraph. What do "bite the dust" and "a long way towards a new machine" mean in this context?

Thank you very much, Sally!

Hi, Steven,

Great questions!  These are both somewhat or actually colloquial, or American/English slang.

"Bite the dust" refers to death, as in "ashes to ashes, dust to dust," from the English Christian /Jewish Bible service for the dead. When something/someone "bites the dust," s/he/it dies, or in the case of a machine or process, stops functioning forever.

The second reference is actually deriving its meaning from the earlier phrase "cost $600 to replace." Because the amount is so high for repairs/replacement of just one part, that figure is a substantial amount, "going a long way towards a new machine"'s actual cost. Do you see? Many people would decide,therefore, that if a new machine is only a few hundred dollars more than the replacement cost of one part, that it's not worth it to pay to replace it and more value is received from the purchase of a new machine.

I hope this helps. Please rate my answer.

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