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General Writing and Grammar Help/RE: Have I made myself clear? or Did I make myself clear?


Dear Ted:

In your answer, you gave the following alternatives:

Do you understand.

Do you get my point.

Do you have any problem with what I said.

I tried to be very clear.  Was I?

My question is this:

Why did you use a period at the end of the first three sentences instead of a question mark?

Again, thank you very much for the help.


Dear Paolo:

I apologize.  I have had more than 20 questions today -- some left over from yesterday.

My eye is bothering me.  I used my eye drops, but they blur my vision.

On top of everything else, we have had four MORE inches of snow, and Quentin [now 10 months old] managed to escape my grasp and went for a romp in the neighborhood.  Someone brought him back, but, for more than an hour, I was very worried.

I think I need a nap.

All of my examples SHOULD have ended with question marks!


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