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A: (A is talking to B and C. B and C are a couple) I hope you donít take this the wrong way. You seem like such a conventional married couple.
B and C laugh and then B says: Yeah. Most people think that.

- Dear Sally! Why don't we say "Most people think so" instead of "Most people think that" or they're interchangeable in this context?

Thanks very much, Sally!

hi, Steven,

Both are correct and do mean the same thing. However, they are different in tone or formality.

"Most people think that" has the impression, or connotation of a bit more formality and a slightly more educated tone.

But, the differences are small and not worthy of note unless you're writing fiction or drama. In that case, the characters' backgrounds and the nature of the relationship between the speaker and listener would dictate which version to employ.

I hope that helps.

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