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   I've looked about on the net quite a bit looking for answers to my question but the more i look, the more confusing it gets.
I am half way through writing my fantasy/fiction story and I was wondering what font and size font would be used for such a book. I looked at quite a few books but I can never see which font was used in the writing and I would very much like to know what is the preferred. Sorry if this is not one of your areas but I couldn't actually find someone who could answer this particular question.
Many thanks in advance and hope you can help.

Hi Lee, great question, I can answer that for you, no problem. I used to own a small publishing company myself.

The short answer is; there is no set standard for either fonts or sizes used in publishing. The single most common font size is 12 point. The second most common size is 10 point font. Fonts are generally not smaller than that, and are they only larger than than in "large print" editions, and then not usually bigger than 14 point. The reason for the font size is that it costs money to print paper books, so they don't want to have the fonts be too large and waste space. Having a font size that's too large can easily add several extra pages onto the end of a book. For example, when using a "mass market" size paper (size A5), I have a book I'm writing that's 12 point font. It's 143 pages so far. Pushing it up to 14 pt font increases the page length to 195 pages. Dropping it down to 10 pt decreases it to 104 pages.

As for font style, go with something normal: Times Roman, Calibri, Arial. Using obscure fonts or unusual fonts could make it harder to read.

Of course, if you plan on submitting the manuscript to a publisher, most of this won't matter anyway because the publisher will set it to be whatever they want when they finalize the book for printing. ;)
But, if you are going to self-publish, these are things to keep in mind.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

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