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Hi, I want to use the following tagline for my business/company logo, we are selling fine accessories for the home kitchen, "restoring the passion of good taste", or "restoring the passion for good taste"

Hi Josh!

There isn't any question there, but I'm going to go ahead assume you'd like to know if there's any distinction between the two!

The first - "passion of good taste" - demonstrates a relationship of derivation; in other words, passion WHICH IS DERIVED FROM good taste.  So there is this thing called "good taste", and when one has that thing, one gets a sense of passion from it.

The second - "passion for good taste" - indicates a target or object for one thing towards another.  In other words, there is a thing called "passion" and it is directed at/towards "good taste" (rather than something else).

So really, it depends on which you are trying to convey.  If you trying to imply that passion necessarily follows good taste, and that is what you wish to restore, then the first tag line is better.  If you are trying to convey that you wish to restore passion which is aimed/directed at good taste, then the second tagline is better.

Hope that helps!

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