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I have a question: Which one is correct? And if all of them are correcet, then what is the difference among them?

"I saw Peter ........... I was getting off the bus."

a) as
b) when
c) while

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I wish you all the best in life.

Hi Hame!

Interesting!  Personally, I think they could all be correct, but the most appropriate answer seems to be A.  It means that the two events (seeing Peter and getting off the bus) happened simultaneously, or almost simultaneously.

B would be quite vague: I wouldn't know precisely when the first event (I saw Peter) happened in relation to the second (getting off the bus), just that at some point between starting to get off the bus and finishing to get off the bus, the speaker saw Peter.

C makes more sense than B, but it means that the speaker saw Peter THE ENTIRE TIME he was getting off the bus, which might be a strange thing to do, since the act of "seeing" usually happens instanteously, rather than continuously.

Hope that helps!

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