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Hi Im not an native speaker so I have some doubts about how to correctly build a sentence like:

"I dont know why are we fighting" or should it be "I dont know why we are fighting".

Also on the same subject: should it end with a question mark? What type of sentence is this, is it a rethoric question maybe?


hi, Pablo,

The second choice is better, but still has one or two errors.
It should be:
"I don't know why we are fighting." in USA English.
1) In USA English, the period goes inside the quotation marks; in Britain/UK English, it goes outside (after).
2) In both, don't requires an apostrophe.  

It does not require a question mark unless you frame it as a question, such as: "Why are we fighting? I don't know why we are fighting."

Best to you. Please rate my response.


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