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QUESTION: What ages are included within the term Coming of Age?

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ANSWER: Hi, Nancy,

This is a culturally-specific topic, so there is not one answer. What culture are you referring to?

Generally, "coming of age" rituals and other references are for adolescents, but some include pre-adolescences, some only include one gender, some include young adults.

You would have to research that culture to find the specific age range and genders included.

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QUESTION: I'm sorry for not being specific.  My question is meant to encompass the U.S.A.

I am writing a poem for publication and I'd like to know the starting age, so the poem can progress throughout a timely span of life.

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Hi, Nancy,

The USA is a culturally diverse country, as you know, and coming-of-age rituals vary from religions to cultures to families. My answer doesn't change unless you get more specific.

Probably you should decide what subgroup you're writing about, or just write about pre-teens and teens and young adults through age 21, since there are customs/rituals for almost every year from girls as young as 9 or 10 (if menstruation date is the catalyst) to both sexes at 21 (the legal alcohol consumption age and now, in some states, marijuana use age), with Bat/Bat Mitzvahs for Jewish youth at ages 12 - 13 for girls and 13 for boys to the quinceañera at 15 for Mexican girls (nothing comparable for boys) to "Sweet Sixteen" or whatever age driver's licenses are issued for girls or boys across the country to high school (or middle school) graduation, college graduation, etc. Various Native American tribes have their own rituals and these vary a lot for age and gender. On and on.

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