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I'm trying to write an essay, but I'm not sure what to put as a warrant for my claim/data.  I am writing about heroes and the Odyssey and I have written my data for why Odysseus is Adventurous, but I am not quite sure what to put for the warrant. I kind of need help with the definitions of data and warrant and if you could even provide an example that would be great.(:

Hi Samantha,

Data is also sometimes called "Evidence". This is part of a three-part system; Claims, Data, and Warrants.

The Claims are basically what you assert about the thing that you writing about. It's essentially your thesis statement, or your problem statement.

The Data/Evidence is the bits from within your source that support your Claims.

The Warrants are explanations of how the Data supports the Claims. You could call them Conclusions or Supporting arguments.

For example; your Claim might be: Odysseus was a badass hero of Ancient Greece. Your Data might be a list of examples of things that Odysseus did that proved he was a here. The Warrants would be an explanation of how these acts support your claim.

Example: Claim: Ice Cream is awesome.  Data: Ice Cream is cold. Ice cream comes in many flavors. Ice Cream is relatively Inexpensive.  Warrant: Ice cream is indeed awesome. Because Ice Cream is cold it's a great snack to keep cool in the summer, and because it doesn't cost much everyone can afford it. With all of the different flavors that exist, it's easy for everyone to find something that they love.

You can read more examples here:

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