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Hope you are fine. I have translated a message. How is it?

"I earned a fly's trust through my calmness and then then killed it... I detest my hypocrisy."


Hi, Hame,

You did just fine with this translation except for the punctuation at the end of the sentence, which may not be left up to you, I realize.

But, if it is within your choice to change it to be correct, it should be like this, with a period , then an ellipsis :

"and then killed it....I detest my "  

The reasons for the above format are these: 1) the form of the ellipsis is three consecutive dots (...), but 2) at the end of a sentence, you also need its end mark. In this case, that is a period [or possibly, an exclamation point (!)].

If you use a period , it will appear that you then have four consecutive dots following the word it , although 3) if you have the keyboard option to use an actual ellipsis , please do use that. Those three dots as an ellipsis have different spacing than that before and after three actual periods .

In that case, the period comes first, then the ellipsis , followed by no extra space before the first word of the next sentence, I , just as I have shown you, above.

I hope this helps.  Best to you and please rate my response.

Take care,


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