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Dear Ted,

Can you please verify that you sent me a message yesterday.  I just wanted to make sure this message came from you.

Hope all has been well with you.  Mrs Rich and I are doing OK.



Dear Rich:

Yes, the message is from me.  I wanted you to try accessing the Learning Express Library databases at the sites I gave you.  This library has an incredible number of grammar and writing tests, ebooks, etc.

If you are able to register [use your real e-mail address] and any password you like [but remember the password!], then please let me know.


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Ted Nesbitt


I am the bibliographic instruction and reference librarian at a public college. Some members of the English department recommend me to their students. I offer assistance in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph development. My master`s thesis concerns William Faulkner`s tragic novels. I formerly taught advanced placement English at two schools in the Philadelphia area.


I have been one of the highest-ranked volunteers in this category for more than a decade.

B. A. and M. A in English; MSIS in Library & Information Sciences; graduate study in philosophy

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