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You will notice that I did not use a comma before "again." My question relates to an answer you gave to a questioner, in which you stated that the rule "requiring" a comma holds, although it is not commonly honored.  I have consulted several sources over this issue and you are the only source that insists on a comma before the a simple adverb, "again" (unless, of course, a particular emphasis is intended, such as in "David is late, again").  What is your source for this rule?

As one "expert" put it, "If an adverbial is obligatorily required to complete the sense of the verb, then there canít be a comma."  In my subject line, I am requesting a re-answering of the question; therefore, the word "again" is required to communicate my meaning, and should not be preceded by a comma.

Please comment. I'm not trolling you, I really want to understand.



I checked my recently answered questions and my memory and didn't find anything about an again-question. Perhaps, you have me confused with another expert.

To answer the question, I see no reason for a comma before again since it is strictly an adverb that modifies answer.

I never remember stating that rule to anyone!


Jerry Leone

P.S. Give me the name or date on the question and I will check further.  

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