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Constantly on newscasts and in conversations I hear people say “between Bob and I” and “for Joan and I.” It is so common, I wonder if “I”” used as an object of a preposition is now considered correct or allowable?

Hi Jennifer,

In English language the phrasing that you are asking about is actually the correct, formal way to conduct the conversation. It is proper to say "Tom and I" or "Melissa and I".  Despite this being the proper way, most Americans use an incorrect or informal way of speaking. Many people say "me and Tom", which is incorrect. As the speaker, the reference to yourself should come last, which some people are aware of, which is why you hear some people say "Tom and me", but this is also incorrect.

I is considered a Subject Pronoun, whereas Me is an object pronoun. Subject Pronouns (I) refers to the person performing the action of a verb. Object Pronouns (Me) refers to the person that the action of a verb is being done to, or to whom a preposition refers.

I hope this helps!

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