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Which choice is correct? Please explain your reasons.

A) I love the coffee from Italy.
B) I love coffee from Italy.


Hi Hame!

Sorry for taking so long to answer your simple question!  Thanks for waiting.  :)

They are both correct, but there is a slight distinction.

A would be used if a person needed to make a distinction between certain coffee (which is from Italy) and other coffee (which is not from Italy).  B would be used if such a distinction is not necessary.

For example, if someone asked you "What kind of coffee do you like?", you would reply with B: "I love coffee from Italy."  In this case you are not talking about one specific coffee or brand or cup, but rather any/all coffee from Italy.

However, if you had tried three different cups of coffee, one from Italy, one from Spain and one from France, and someone asked you "WHICH one did you like?" you would use A: "I love(d) the coffee from Italy." because that distinguishes it from the other two specific coffees in this situation.

Hope that helps!

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