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Assume the following sentence:
She enrolled in the class, the same as I.

I think the above is off grammatically.  Am I correct, and is the sentence below okay instead?

She enrolled in the class, as I had.


Hi Patty!

Thanks for the great question!  This is one that confuses native speakers a lot.  Intuitively, we want to say "same as me" and yet "same as I" feels so proper and formal we often assume it must be correct.

But the truth is that "same as I" is, in fact, grammatically incorrect.

The two possible correct answers are:
1. "same as me"
2. "same as I did/had."

"As" can be either a preposition or a relative pronoun.  As a preposition, it has to be followed by an object proun: "same as ME."

As a relative pronoun, it has to be followed by a subject-verb clause: "same as I DID/HAD."

So yes, you were perfectly on the mark with your assumption.  Well done!

Hope that helped!

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