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QUESTION: Hi Dear Professor!
How are you?
I'm Ali Reza Emarati, Hamed's friend (Hamed English Idiom at Facebook!)
About one week ago, I asked Hamed to help me for the following matter, but he introduced you as a professor who has read a lot of books and has a huge knowledge in English. So I'm here to receive your valuable words and advice. I do apologize for the delay in sending my request.
Iím looking for a book which is published in USA and is well-sold as well. Thatís obvious that its language should be English! I want to translate it into Persian. Another point that should be mentioned, is that the bookís topic and its content should be in psychology field.  The other vital tip, is that Iím looking for a book that has not been translated into Persian ever, so in this specific point, it should be new as well!
I need your help for grabbing a book which has the above characteristics.
Thanks a pile for the time that you dedicated to me.
Have a nice time dear professor.
Best Regards...

ANSWER: Dear Ali Reza:

If you are a friend of Hamed English Idiom [Farhad], then you are a friend of mine!

In order to help you, I need some additional information:

1.  Are you looking for a book to BUY for yourself or do you want one that is FREE on the internet?

2.  The FREE books are not generally the most recently written or published.  You mentioned a "new book," but new books are rarely available for free on the internet.

3.  Psychology is a very general topic.  Are you interest in ANY psychology book or do you have a special interest?

4.  I can send you a list of online books that are full-text.  You can choose one that appeals to you.  I must warn you, however, that these "subject lists" are often difficult to search.

Finally, Sigmund Freud was one of the best known people in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.  Some of his most famous -- to this day -- works are available online.  They can be read or downloaded to your computer.  There is no cost to you.

Here's one of them:

Please advise me in greater detail what you need, and I will do my best to help you.  If you speak English well and have a Skype account, we can chat online.

Ted Nesbitt

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks a lot my Dear Friend.
Your words was so useful and you are right about the questions asked.
There is no matter whether the book is free or not. I can pay for it and one of our relatives lives in USA and once a season travels to Iran and stays some days, so I can ask her to buy it and send or bring to me.
I mentioned "a new book", because I want to grab a book that has not been translated. as you know, the first translation of a famous book always becomes the most popular translation of it. So I don't want to translate a book and attract little attention to it. Unfortunately in Iran people pay not much attention to the quality of translation, they just wait for the first translation and stick to it! I want to find a popular book and create a better work. About its topic I should say that I want a general book in psychology, because I want to start at psychology field and don't have enough knowledge to write a book or translate a course-book that will be used in academic places and universities; that would be my future goal. I want a psychology-based topic like "how to have a better marriage" or "365 golden points to attract people" or something like it. I want a book that is new and so useful there, and something that attracts many people and  is hot-sold or even wins global prizes. I want something that is TOP!
Dear Professor Ted Nesbitt, I'm so thankful to you for dedicating me so much time.
I'm waiting for your response!
The Best Wishes

Dear Ali Reza:

PLEASE NOTE:  When I send a response to you, you should receive an evaluation form to rate my performance.  As long as you do not rate me, your question(s) will remain in my inbox at Allexperts.  I am asking you to take a few second to rate each question -- there are now two.
You can ask Farhad about ratings.  He, along with all of my regular questioners, rate me very highly, giving me 10s in the various categories, and he always includes the nomination for "volunteer of the month."

Thank you, Ali Reza, for rating my answer.



One of the best publications in the United States and Canada is "Library Journal."  In addition to providing informative articles about and for libraries, the journal is filled with book reviews of the most recent publications.  The non-fiction categories are divided into groups, and there is always a large number of recommended psychology books.

Let me point out that the journal does NOT review textbooks.  Its focus is directed toward librarians.  The librarians read the reviews and decide which books are the best for their own readers.  Since most of the librarians are in public libraries, the readers are "regular people," and NOT academic types.

Each year, "Library Journal" publishes their highest recommended books in each category.  The psychology recommended book was published last March.  You can find it at this URL:

Since the actual reviews are not on the list, you will have to judge which book appears to you. You can search for more information about each book.

Here is another suggestion:  Year ago in the U. S., one publishing company began printing books for "beginners."  They covered a wide range of subject, from algebra to zoology, etc.  The titles of the book offended some people, but other people were attracted by them.  For instance, there is a book called "Microsoft Word for Dummies."  There is "Biology for Dummies."  The word "dummies," although usually offensive, was meant to indicate that each book was basic and a beginning point for more learning.  Obviously, the idea caught on and millions of these books have been sold.

The psychology book was published in 2002, so it is not recent.  If you are interested in it, you can find it listed here:

You can download the printed book or an audio version of the book at this site, which is free:

*** Ali Reza, I hope my suggestions get you started on your way.  I think you translating idea is a wonderful one, and I wish you much success.


Please remember to evaluate my answers to you, so that they will be removed from my Allexperts question box.  Also, you may write to me anytime, if you have a additional questions.  Since I am fascinated by your project, I would like to heard about your progress.


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