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QUESTION: For my English assignment I had I read the book Persepolis and I now have to write a paper "Explaining the Story". But I'm not sure what that means like do I summarize the story or what. How do I explain it?

ANSWER: Hi Milly,

Yes, that's generally the right idea. When you have to "explain the story" that simply means that you need to re-tell that main points of the plot in your own words. To summarize the event means that you simply explain the main premise or idea of the story so that someone else understand. Sort of like if your best friend missed the latest episode of whatever show you were watching and wanted you to fill them in. You would summarize the episode for them.

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QUESTION: I'm sorry but I'm sill confused on what the difference between summarizing and explaining is, could you please explain it


There is no difference between summarizing and explaining, they are two words that describe the same thing. Summarizing simply means to put the story into a brief list of main points. For example, if I were to summarize the plot of Star Wars: A New Hope, I might say:

The Empire attacked Princess Leia's ship and she hid the Death Star plans in a droid and sent it to the planet below. The droid was bought by a farmer and then ran away to find Obi-Wan Kenobi, a great hero of an old war. The farmer's son went searching for the droid and met up with Kenobi, but in the meantime the Empire discovered the droids held the answer and killed his family Luke, the farmer's son, realizes that he has no where else to go and agrees to go with Kenobi to Alderaan. Meanwhile Darth Vader tortures Princess Leia for information about the location of the rebel base and destroys her home planet of Alderaan. Luke begins to study the force under the tutilage of Kenobi, and the company arrives at Alderaan only to find the planet destroyed. They are captured by the Death Star, but hid in some smuggling compartments aboard the ship. They manage to get some disguises and sneak aboard the Death Star to deactivate teh tractor beams so that they can escape. They also find the Princess and rescue her. Kenobi fights Darth Vader to cover their escape and allows himself to be killed by Vader so that he can become more powerful. The group takes the plans to the rebel base where the rebels find the weakness and launch an attack that destroys the Death Star, but not before Vader is able to escape. Luke and his companions are honored as heroes of the Rebellion.

That's a brief summary of the the movie. It's a brief explanation of what happened.  

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